Saturday, 29 August 2015


Looking through the trees at the green blue fading scene
Beyond accompanied by slight giddiness at the beauty
Of the mechanism under musical fountains and

Artificial skinny silver songbirds wrapped in their cloudy
Heaven of mother-of-pearl,  he saw all kinds of war then.
I, myself, could not imagine the manifestation of this trompe l´oeil.

Haggard with watching, he said it was like being
In a bar full of violent prostitutes killing with impunity,
Sunset´s elusive viridian ray sprouting in the sky.

Well I was quite wrong about him after all. Not a hero
But a hospital case. They took care to ensure his facial
Expression revealed nothing, as a spy, or just as observer:

Everything that should have been laid out was simply presupposed
In the Edo evening. I have no memory of this: riding always invisible.