Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Hermes in the park; now she´s thinking about that again.

Change of place and alteration of bright colour;

Yves Klein blue hot shoots out of this tube brightly


Blowing down the atmospheres, desert a negative.

There´s no such thing as a safe place. They live in a cold fashion

They are not listening clearly to the thrum


From the ruined cities in deserts, and dry lakes

Along the way. Excuse me, it´s Agemaki. Would I

Mistake you for Sukeroku. Even in the dark?


He said: A city will never be built on this spot, alive

With radiation. No pillars towers trees gates jugs of

Wine or windows. Or fountains statues groves.


Just the gorgeous music boxes and the longing

For the latchless close of refrigerator doors.